AR-TEKS Ltd. is a dynamic company that makes the realization of the goods more efficient by uniting the work of the production and that of the buyers. We BELIEVE that our coordinating (commercial) activity will pour new strength into the progress of work, saving the time and money of all sides. Because consumer demand is at the heart of the economic impulse, dynamics and change in the business environment.


That is why AR-TEKS successfully regulates the flow of goods produced or offered for sale to the prospective buyer. Before inventory availability, our team of professionals well and clearly selects products by focusing on the details:

The requirements of our clients and partners

Price level

Quality, appearance, shape, size

Time of production

What quantities to produce;


The undisputed authority of the company is mainly due to the professionalism, the unusual and individual approach to consumer demand.

Employees are mostly young, highly educated and ambitious people who, in the spirit of the company, strive to offer our customers not only goods and services but also complete solutions tailored to the specific requirements and circumstances.


Thanks to our merchandising department, which has always controlled the products, their quality, their type, their display, AR-TEKS has been a dynamically developing company since 1991, both in the region and in the whole territory of Bulgaria with our main partners in Turkey.


Our Values ​​continue to be: quality, honesty and competitive prices.